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Medical alarm

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Protection CSL is a family business. Better than anyone else, we understand the need to know our loved ones are living in safety. Unfortunately, concerns grow with age as the risk of falls or developing a chronic disease increases. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life! Our equipment includes a panic button, a fall detector, or even a GPS – whatever you need. Keep your loved ones safe and give yourself peace of mind with one of our packages at very competitive prices.


Panic button

$28.95 / month

  • 24-hour protection
  • Bracelet included
  • Waterproof emergency help button
  • Range of 1,000 feet
  • Compatible with all home phone lines

Residential +

Panic button and fall detector

$38.95 / month

  • 24-hour protection
  • Pendant with fall detection included*
  • Waterproof emergency help button
  • Range of 600 feet
  • Compatible with all home phone lines


Ready-to-go GPS and fall detector

$58.95 / month

  • 24-hour protection
  • Integrated fall detection and panic button*
  • Waterproof emergency help button
  • National coverage
  • Integrated cell phone line
  • Live two-way voice communication
  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing

All our packages come with no contract, no installation fees and free delivery.

*Fall detection services are not foolproof. Whenever possible in the case of an emergency, we recommend pushing your personal emergency help button to obtain assistance.

How it works

Call for help

Activation of the panic button or fall detector

Aid and support

Assessment of the situation by a qualified operator

Assistance is dispatched

As required, emergency services will be sent or a person on your list of contacts will be informed

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Why trust us

Elderly people deserve to live in safety and security while maintaining their independence. A Protection CSL medical alert system equipped with a panic button allows elderly Canadians to quickly get the help they need in the event of a medical emergency, fall, or home invasion.

With just one press of the panic button, the Protection CSL medical alert system instantly connects to the closest emergency response center, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives elderly seniors and their loved ones confidence, reliability, and peace of mind.

When the elderly get help quickly – after a fall, for example – by activating the panic button on their medical alert system, their chances of survival are close to doubled and the likelihood of a return to independent living is greatly increased.

All seniors need to do to install their Protection CSL medical alert system is connect the phone wire and plug in the power cord. What’s more, every panic button on every system is waterproof.

Our basic system includes your bracelet equipped with a wireless panic button. Our second option includes the basic system plus a pendant with a built-in sensor for fall detection. And our advanced system offers protection not just at home but also on the go thanks to the integrated cellular phone line and GPS in addition to the included bracelet and pendant.

Each year, about one-third of the elderly are at risk of falling. With a Protection CSL medical alert system, you will not be left lying alone and unassisted on the floor thanks to your wireless panic button. And if you have a chronic condition or a serious illness, rapid response to an emergency situation can be the decisive factor for a complete recovery.


"I’ve had my service with Protection CSL since 2015 and I’ve never had a problem. Whenever you have questions, the service center is available 24/7. I highly recommend them!!"

Ms. Lacaze

"ruly a different company from the others, amazing after-sales service."

Mr. Lemay