The outdoor WiFi video camera offers a professional surveillance solution, offering live and recorded 1080P HD videos available via a computer or smartphone. Designed to see at a distance of more than 20 feet in the dark.

To ensure sufficient Wi-Fi signal, perform these steps with the camera near its final location, but before editing.

1. Connect the camera's AC adapter and plug it into an unswitched socket.

2. Hold the button on the back of the camera until the LED starts flashing white.

3. On a device connected to the Internet, connect to the wireless network "ALARM (XX: XX: XX)" We recommend using your phone to connect to the camera.

Note: (XX: XX: XX) is the last six digits of the camera's MAC address, located on the back of the camera.

4. Open a web browser and enter "http: // 522irinstall" in the URL field. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the camera to the wireless network.

5. Select "Search Wi-Fi networks"

6. Select your personal wireless network.

7. Enter your WiFi password and select "Save".

The green light stays on when the connection is complete.

8. From a computer on the same network as the camera, log in to your account at

Select the option "Click here to add a camera to this account".

9. Select the camera from the list of video devices or type its MAC address to start adding the camera. The MAC address of the camera is located on the back of the camera.

10. Wait until the camera has finished configuring its network settings. It will take a few minutes.

11. Congratulations! Your camera has been successfully installed. Select "Live View" to see a live stream of your camera.

12. The live stream will be displayed on this page. It may take a moment to show the visuals.