Pre-installation checklist

In this video, you'll discover the three key things you need to check with the customer before starting the installation:

1. Existing doorbell wiring
2. Type of bell chime
3. Internet download speed.

Hardware installation

Watch this video for a quick overview of the easy installation process of the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera.

Synchronization with

Synchronizing the Wi-Fi doorbell camera with is quick and easy via the client application. Remember to use the customer's mobile phone during the synchronization process.

1. Install the doorbell camera.

2. Make sure the doorbell camera is flashing red / green alternating pattern.

3. Download the app and sign in to your account.

4. Go to the Doorbell Cameras tab and add a doorbell camera.

5. Name your doorbell camera.

6. Log in to the temporary Wi-Fi access point of the doorbell camera (SkybellHD _ ##########). The application will ask the user to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the doorbell camera.

* iOS - quit the app and enter in the app settings. Go to Wi-Fi and select the named network (SkybellHD _ ##########).
* Android - do not quit the application; the app will detect the network of the camera doorbell.

7. Select the permanent Wi-Fi network for the doorbell camera.

8. The doorbell camera will synchronize. The LED of the doorbell camera will follow this model:
Orange double flash (~ 30 seconds)
Alternating blue / green (~ 30 seconds)
Solid green

Note: If the LED remains stuck in dual orange flash mode, incorrect Wi-Fi credentials have been entered.