The carbon monoxide (CO) detector monitors CO levels and quickly alerts when potentially hazardous levels exist. The CO detector transmits an alarm signal to the control panel when detecting hazardous concentrations of CO gas.

1. Remove the back plate from the body by turning the back plate counterclockwise.

2: Insert the battery into the empty slot on the body of the CO detector.

3: Reconnect the back plate to the body by turning the back plate clockwise.

4: Mount the CO detector on a wall in an area where you can hear the indoor siren if there is an alarm.

Make sure the CO detector is within 75 feet of the control panel.

5: Secure the backplate to the wall using the screws provided. Insert the screws into the areas shown below.


Audible signal: 85 dBA in alarm

Temperature range: 40 ° F to 100 ° F

Power Source: One 3-Volt CR123A Lithium Ion Battery