Protect your home and family in Laval, Quebec, with an alarm system from Protection CSL

What Are the Advantages of a Protection CSL Alarm System in Laval, Quebec?

Even if you live in the safest neighbourhood in the world, it is advantageous to have your home alarm system in place to protect against more than just burglars. A home alarm system in Laval (Quebec) also provides 24/7 intrusion monitoring to reduce the risk of any intruder getting into your home and a fire alarm to warn you when there’s a risk of a fire. Protection CSL offers  cutting-edge security you can rely upon.  

Centre de la nature park in Laval, Quebec, where the quality of life is worth protecting with an alarm system from Protection CSL

Think you don’t need an alarm system for your Laval home? You’ll think again thanks to Protection CSL

Laval, Quebec, is a popular choice for homebuyers in the greater Montreal area thanks to its family-friendly suburban setting, lower home prices, and safe neighbourhoods. The city occupies all of Île Jésus – as well as the Îles Laval – and is the largest suburb of Montreal. It is bordered by the Rivière des Mille Îles to the north and the Rivière des Prairies to the south. With a population of 422,993 according to the 2016 census, Laval is the third-largest municipality in Quebec and the thirteenth-largest in Canada. 

Once largely agricultural, the city now has a diverse economy with strong industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, and technology sectors. Residents have plenty of activities available to them. From nature parks to museums, from Laval Rocket hockey games at Place Bell to indoor mini-golf, rock-climbing, and sky-diving, Laval has something for everyone, including fabulous shopping and entertainment. Check out the city website for all you need to know about living and working there. Such a high quality of life is worth protecting with a home alarm system from Protection CSL. 

Why is it worth protecting your home in Laval (Quebec) with a Protection CSL alarm system?

While Statistics Canada reports that incident-based crimes in the Montreal area are on a downward trend overall, the fact remains that they do happen. Property crime violations include such incidents as breaking and entering, vehicular theft, and robbery. One of the most effective ways to deter burglars and other intruders from entering your home in Laval is to install a home alarm system.

For an unbeatable low monthly fee, you can choose a Protection CSL wireless smart alarm system package that provides – in addition to 24-hour intrusion and fire monitoring – remote control of lighting and small electrical appliances or remote control your front door lock, garage door, and even your thermostat. 

Our options offer a high level of flexibility. What if you think you’ve left a small appliance on at home? You can turn it off remotely using our mobile app. What if you’re on vacation away from Laval and forgot to program your lights? You’ll be able to turn them on and off so it still looks like someone is home.  

Which Protection CSL alarm system is right for your home in Laval, Quebec?

Touchscreen control panel for Protection CSL alarm system in Laval, Quebec

Wireless alarm systems like Protection CSL smart alarm systems are very safe. They are even more secure than wired systems, in fact. There’s no wire for an intruder to cut and our systems can use any available cellular network to communicate, which means that they will always have a strong signal.  

In case of emergency, your Protection CSL alarm system will transmit a signal to our professional central monitoring center within Quebec, which will then quickly send the appropriate authorities to your home in Laval depending on the situation, including police, fire, and medical authorities. 

Protection CSL offers 4 alarm system packages to suit your needs and budget. Contact usfor your free estimate. Fill out our short online form or call us toll-free at 1-877 722-7644. Tell us what you need and we will help you choose the best package for your home.

Protection CSL is a family business. That means that we understand better than anyone else how you need to know your loved ones are living in safety and your home is secure.